3 Reasons Why Your Gums Itch

Itchy gums are not common, but when they occur, they can drive you crazy. You might find it very strange to have itching inside your mouth, but in fact, the itching is your body’s way of sending you a message. Here are three possible causes of itchy gums. See a dentist to find out which one is affecting you. 1. Plaque Plaque is a sticky film that is formed on the teeth by bacteria.

Can You Extract More Than One Tooth At Once?

Dentists will always recommend tooth repair if your teeth can be saved. However, if repair isn’t possible, the next option is to have the tooth extracted. It’s not uncommon to extract one or two teeth at a time, but people often wonder if you can exceed two.  Can you extract three or more teeth at once? Yes, it’s possible, but such dental extractions are more complicated. Here is why. Extraction Time

Pain Management for Problematic Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom tooth pain won’t affect everyone. But for those who do experience it, it can feel severe and distressing. If you’re having major issues with your wisdom teeth, you may need to see an emergency dentist. Until that time comes, it can help to try some pain management techniques. Rinsing With Salt Water Rinsing with salt water may seem like an old-fashioned approach, but it’s one that’s effective. First, it promotes healthy gums and can kill off bacteria that are affecting the wisdom tooth growth site.

Do You Need to See a Dentist Due to Exposed Nerves in Your Teeth?

While tooth sensitivity is a dental issue that you may experience from time to time, you should be concerned the moment it becomes a daily struggle. In usual cases, this typically means that the cementum in your teeth is jeopardised. While not visible to the naked eye, cementum is critical for the health of your teeth as it acts as a barrier that prevents bacteria, plaque and more from penetrating the roots of your teeth.

How to Reduce Anxiety Over a Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implants are arguably the best type of teeth replacement, but many people feel unable to get them because of anxiety over the procedure that is required to fit them. If you have a medical or dental phobia, you don’t have to worry. Here are some tips to help you better understand the dental implant procedure. 1. Keep Your Mind on the Long-Term Goal The biggest advantage of dental implants is their permanence.

Dental Macrodontia: A Medical Problem with a Cosmetic Solution

A prominent smile is a good thing, isn’t it? For some people, certain parts of their smile can be noticeably more prominent than others. Dental macrodontia is a condition in which one or more of the teeth in your mouth are oversized in comparison to their neighbours. Some people affected by macrodontia might not be especially bothered by their smile, but others might be wondering if there’s anything that can be done to shrink a tooth or two, in order to have a symmetrical smile.

What's the Real Impact of Impacted Food in Your Teeth?

An unexpected byproduct of the COVID-19 pandemic is that more people are far more familiar with the smell of their own breath than they used to be. The reason for this is quite straightforward. When you wear a face mask that covers your mouth and nose, it’s unavoidable that you smell the breath expelled into the mask. Is this smell particularly unpleasant? What’s more, is this smell unpleasant while being a total mystery?

3 Reasons Why Braces Could Be the Best Solution to Your Dental Problems

When you visit your dentist, they will examine your teeth and offer you a treatment solution. One of the dental treatments available is braces. Braces are common dental solutions for people with crooked or misaligned teeth. Other than aligning your teeth and improving your smile, braces will offer you the following health benefits. 1. They Will Prevent Gum Disease Braces will not only rectify the dental problem you have presently, but they will also help you prevent gum disease in the long run.

Answering Commonly Asked Questions About Dental Crowns

Lack of maintaining dental hygiene can lead to various dental conditions that damage the structure of your teeth or their appearance. Accidents and injuries may also occur, leading to loss of teeth. Dental crowns are the solution to correcting these dental problems. What Are Dental Crowns? These are artificially made teeth. You may already know that a natural tooth comprises a crown (the part of the tooth above your gum) and a root (the part of the tooth inside your gum).