Can You Extract More Than One Tooth At Once?

Dentists will always recommend tooth repair if your teeth can be saved. However, if repair isn't possible, the next option is to have the tooth extracted. It's not uncommon to extract one or two teeth at a time, but people often wonder if you can exceed two. 

Can you extract three or more teeth at once? Yes, it's possible, but such dental extractions are more complicated. Here is why.

Extraction Time

If you need one tooth extracted, it will take about 20-40 minutes. The first 10-15 minutes are spent trying to numb the tooth to be removed. The dental extraction process takes about 3-15 minutes, and the remaining ten or so minutes are spent on post-operative duties. 

Removing additional teeth would take about 3-15 minutes for each tooth. If you need three or more teeth removed, you'll spend more time in the dentist's chair. Some prefer to have their teeth removed on separate days to allow the mouth enough time to heal. 

However, this strategy isn't ideal, especially if you need a full mouth extraction. It's often better and less traumatic to schedule a full mouth dental extraction in one session than in several sessions. There is no rule stating that you can't extract more than one tooth at a time. The number of teeth to be extracted will depend on your oral surgeon's recommendations.


Typically, dentists will use local anaesthesia during dental extractions, but only when removing one or two teeth. If you need a full mouth extraction, the oral surgeon will use general anaesthesia to knock you out. A full mouth extraction is lengthy, and there are possibilities of complications; the surgeon needs enough time to complete the extraction successfully. 


It takes several days to recover from a dental extraction. Once the pain has eased down, you can eat food within a day or two. With a full mouth extraction, recovery will take a little longer as your gums will need more time to heal. 

Don't expect to resume eating food as usual within a day or two. It can take longer, and you may experience slight oral discomfort and pain. After a few days, your gums will have healed, and you can seek replacement options such as implants or dentures. 


Extracting one tooth is cheap, that's why many prefer it over dental repair options. Multiple extractions or a full mouth extraction is more expensive. You'll likely need surgery and general anaesthesia to remove the teeth. This will increase the cost significantly. 

Check if your insurance company will cater to multiple dental extractions or ask if the dentist will agree to payment options. Contact a local dentist to learn more about tooth extractions.