Do You Need to See a Dentist Due to Exposed Nerves in Your Teeth?

While tooth sensitivity is a dental issue that you may experience from time to time, you should be concerned the moment it becomes a daily struggle. In usual cases, this typically means that the cementum in your teeth is jeopardised. While not visible to the naked eye, cementum is critical for the health of your teeth as it acts as a barrier that prevents bacteria, plaque and more from penetrating the roots of your teeth. When the cementum is degraded, the nerves in your teeth become exposed and this intensifies the sensitivity that you experience. The following piece touches on a few of the reasons why the cementum in your teeth could become compromised and symptoms that should have you see a dentist immediately.

What causes cementum degradation?

Grinding your teeth

If you have developed the habit of grinding your teeth, it is only a matter of time until the cementum becomes compromised. Tooth grinding exerts a disproportionate amount of pressure on your teeth as well as your gums. Over time, these structures become weakened, which leads to the gradual exposure of the roots. If not addressed in time, the cementum will start to disintegrate, resorbing into your mouth. It is vital to see a dentist so that this habit does not endanger the structural integrity of your teeth.

Trauma to your teeth

If your mouth has been exposed to a considerable amount of force, your cementum could be at risk of degradation. Trauma that leads to chips or cracks in the tooth can damage the cementum and this, in turn, will expose the nerves in your teeth. In this scenario, you must see an emergency dentist.

Advanced decay

When tooth decay is left unchecked, it steadily leads to the deterioration of the gums and soft tissues that protect the teeth. As a result, the cementum will be jeopardised, and this will reveal the nerves in the teeth. Advanced tooth decay also poses the threat of losing the affected teeth altogether, so it is fundamental to seek dental services for immediate treatment.

What symptoms are indicative of cementum loss and the exposure of the nerves?

In addition to tooth sensitivity, there are other symptoms to be wary of that warrant a visit to the dentist as soon as possible. Some of the symptoms to be on the lookout for include swollen gums that are bleeding, gum inflammation, tooth discolouration, elongation of your teeth and so on.

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