Bah Humbug! Be Mindful What You Chew With Your New Dental Implants During the Silly Season

During the silly season, family and friends love to pull out their cameras to capture the moment. They expect the subjects being photographed to flash their biggest smiles, and your beautiful new dental implants will give you a reason to smile a lot this year. However, while your implants are still settling into their new home inside your mouth, it is important you don’t derail all your hard work to date by eating the wrong thing.

What Is a Root Canal and Why Is It Needed?

The term “root canal” is often met with groans and twinges of sympathy pain, as this procedure is typically somewhat difficult and painful and not at all pleasant. When person hears that they need a root canal, they may wonder what is involved and if it’s even needed in the first place. Note a few factors about root canals and why they’re needed so you can talk to your dentist about the procedure if he or she has recommended it for you.

Your Role During Dental Treatment Using Invisalign

Invisalign aligners are clear braces that can be used to correct minor dental defects (such as slightly misaligned teeth). This article discusses what you (the patient) can do to facilitate the success of this dental treatment. Be Patient One of the best things you can do when you wish to undergo Invisalign treatment is to be patient. For instance, you may not be able to ask for these aligners and get them on the day you request for them.

Don't Become Bleachorexic: How Often Is Too Often For Professional Teeth Whitening?

Nobody deliberately sets out to have yellow teeth, but over time a love of good food and beverages can leave your teeth looking less than their best. You already know teeth whitening is the fastest way to bring them back to whiteness, but where should you draw the line about how often this gets done? Bleachorexia, which is an obsession about teeth whitening, is a real problem for some people. So, before you get too excited about getting your teeth whitened, you need to be very aware of how long it lasts and how often it can safely be done.

What Are Dental Fissure Sealants?

Although you may come through a regular dental check-up without the need for further treatment, your dentist may suggest ways to improve your oral health to prevent problems developing in the future. For example, your dentist may recommend having sealants applied to the fissures in some of your teeth to reduce the chances of decay in the future. What Are Fissures? The surfaces of your back teeth are not even. These teeth have natural grooves or pits, known as fissures, to help you chew.

Who Needs to See a Dentist More Often Than Usual?

Most people should see their dentist every year, if not twice per year, for a thorough exam including x-rays and a good cleaning. A dentist can check for signs of gum disease and oral cancer during these appointments, and note if your oral hygiene needs improvement.  While most people can see their dentist this often and keep their teeth and mouth in good health, it’s good to note that some people should see their dentist more often.

Why Opt for Dental Implants When You Have Missing Teeth?

A dental implant is like a false tooth or a few false teeth connected together, and which is then implanted or screwed into the jaw line permanently. They’re a good solution when you have a missing tooth or when a tooth or teeth are so badly decayed that they need to be extracted. While you can always choose dentures or a bridge for missing teeth, note a few reasons why dental implants may be a better choice:

Not Allowed To Accompany Your Child Into The Dentist's Office? There's A Good Reason Why

Most parents want to sit in with their children during dental procedures. This way, they can offer support to the child and ease their worry about whichever dental procedure they are expecting.  However, sometimes you may not get this opportunity and may have to let the dentist treat your child alone. Though frustrating, there are good reasons why your dental practice may insist on this. Read on to see what.

Dentures and Dementia: Tips to Help Your Loved One

Dealing with dementia or dentures on their own can be challenging, but dealing with both of these issues together can be especially challenging. If someone you love who wears dentures has recently been diagnosed with dementia, there are several things you should know. Here are some tips and facts to help you help them through the process: 1. Monitor the effect your loved one’s medication has on their mouth In some cases, people with dementia are prescribed antipsychotics.

Cosmetic Dentistry: 4 Alternatives to Traditional Braces

Many people have to cope with crooked teeth for most of their adult lives. The ageing process also causes teeth to become crooked as the mouth structure changes or the teeth move over constant use. Luckily, teeth straightening can be achieved through a variety of cosmetic dentistry alternatives without having to wear unsightly traditional fixed braces. Here are some cosmetic dentistry brace techniques to straighten teeth without relying on traditional wire braces.

Four Signs that You Could Be Having Bad Breath

Bad breath, also called halitosis, is a condition that affects many people. The problem is that it is not very easy to know that you have this problem unless someone gets the courage to “give you the bad news”. Should you wait for such a person or are there signs that can alert you to the possibility that you could have halitosis? This article discusses four signs that should lead you to suspect that you have halitosis.

Getting Dental Treatment When Pregnant

Pregnancy is an exciting time with a lot of changes to your body. Many women find that their mouth also changes substantially when pregnant and that they are more vulnerable to decay and gum disease. With maternal teeth decay linked topreterm births for your baby, as well as the usual risks of fillings and root canals for the mother, make a point of including your general dentist, like Dr Bala Subramaniam Vasanthini B.

What To Avoid When Whitening Teeth

Millions of people around the world are, at any given time, engaged in a program they have developed to help them whiten their teeth. Whether it be through home made whitening remedies, or employing the use of whitening strips or trays, white teeth are something that many people strive to have. It can, however, be easy to allow such a desired goal to fail through a combination of errors. Proper techniques are not maintained, and this article helps to highlight some of the things you should avoid when trying to whiten teeth.

Finding A Good Family Dentist

Our teeth are vital to both our well being and our appearance. A bright, white smile can be very charming and make a person seem more inviting. Strong, healthy teeth will ensure that a person is able to enjoy a wide range of food for years to come. Nobody wants browning teeth that age quickly, so finding a good dentist is really important. If you have children, then it is even more important to find an experienced family dentist who can keep an eye on their teeth as they grow, while still looking out for the adults in the family.