Finding A Good Family Dentist

Our teeth are vital to both our well being and our appearance. A bright, white smile can be very charming and make a person seem more inviting. Strong, healthy teeth will ensure that a person is able to enjoy a wide range of food for years to come. Nobody wants browning teeth that age quickly, so finding a good dentist is really important. If you have children, then it is even more important to find an experienced family dentist who can keep an eye on their teeth as they grow, while still looking out for the adults in the family. How often you should be seeing a dentist will depend on your family's specific needs, but children should be seeing a dentist by the age of two. Here are a few things to consider when searching for a new family dentist:

1. Do they have time for new patients, especially in an emergency?

You will not always have the luxury of booking appointments months in advance. Often dental emergencies will arise that require attention as soon as possible. A suitable clinic should be able to see you within a day or two in case of an emergency. For younger children it is even better if this wait time is only a few hours. A clinic that can only see you if you book weeks in advance may not be suitable for a growing family.

2. Are they up to date with the range of services you require most?

Most dentists are going to be adequate at providing the basics, but older dentists might not be as in the know about newer procedures. Some dentists might be great with cosmetic dentistry but be sorely out of the loop when it comes to dealing with children. Think about what services your family is going to require and search around for a clinic with experience across multiple areas. 

3. Does the clinic have a family friendly feel?

Going to the dentist can be traumatic, but it is an essential part of our health and hygiene. For this reason it is imperative that children do not end up with a dire fear of going to the dentist. A good family clinic will have an inviting atmosphere that will put you and your children at ease before your appointments. Having staff that are good with children can also make all the difference, so look out for smiling receptionists, friendly dental nurses and dentists who know how to make patients of all ages feel comfortable. 

4. Can you find any positive reviews about the clinic, even via word of mouth?

The internet is a great tool for researching, and you might be able to find some really valuable information about clinics in your area by doing a quick Google search. However, good old fashioned word of mouth can be just as, if not more, effective for finding great dental or medical clinics. If you have children enrolled in school or kindergarten, try talking to other parents about where their family goes for dental care. If you work locally you could even talk to your co-workers about the clinics they trust with their own families. 

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