What To Avoid When Whitening Teeth

Millions of people around the world are, at any given time, engaged in a program they have developed to help them whiten their teeth. Whether it be through home made whitening remedies, or employing the use of whitening strips or trays, white teeth are something that many people strive to have. It can, however, be easy to allow such a desired goal to fail through a combination of errors. Proper techniques are not maintained, and this article helps to highlight some of the things you should avoid when trying to whiten teeth.

Trays And Strips

There are two mistakes that need to be avoided in this area. First, if you are thinking of purchasing a whitening kit, always make sure the one you buy is accredited by the Dental Board of Australia. It can be easy, especially over the internet, to end up purchasing an unaccredited product that can potentially do more damage than good.

The second mistake made with regards to whitening strips or trays is the amount of time that they are kept on the teeth. Many people use the reasoning that the longer they keep the strips on their teeth, the whiter they will be. This is wrong, and can cause the top layer of enamel to be worn away. This results in a spotted, dull white finish to the teeth, and can increase sensitivity. Always follow the instructions to the minute when applying strips or trays.


Don't avoid going to the dentist before you embark on a teeth whitening program. It is critical that you get a once over check of the teeth to ensure that there is no decay or the start of decay on any of the teeth. If this develops, it can cause tiny holes and weak patches to form on your teeth. When you start to whiten the teeth, the bleaches and chemicals can enter these weak areas, and cause further damage to the tooth. Always have an appointment with the dentist before you start to whiten your teeth.

Know When To Stop

Many people do notice an improvement in the color of their teeth, but continue to use tinctures or strips and trays to continue to whiten. As a rough guide, the color of the whites of your eyes should match the color of your teeth. Continuing to whiten teeth after this stage can lead to the teeth becoming weak and damaged. Set yourself the goal of having whiter teeth, and know when to stop.

Many dentists consider 'whitening' mouthwashes to be fairly ineffective. Instead of purchasing this, you could put the money to another product, such as a better quality toothbrush.