Why Opt for Dental Implants When You Have Missing Teeth?

A dental implant is like a false tooth or a few false teeth connected together, and which is then implanted or screwed into the jaw line permanently. They're a good solution when you have a missing tooth or when a tooth or teeth are so badly decayed that they need to be extracted.

While you can always choose dentures or a bridge for missing teeth, note a few reasons why dental implants may be a better choice:

1. Dental implants are easy to clean

When you have dentures or use a bridge to replace a missing tooth or teeth, you need to take these out to clean them, and then typically soak them every night. While the process of cleaning dentures is not difficult, it can be more tedious than just brushing your teeth, and you need to use special denture brushes and cleansers.

If you have a bridge that replaces a few missing teeth, you need to clean the bridge in addition to cleaning the teeth in your mouth. This can make cleaning a hassle and in some cases, a denture wearer or someone with a bridge may go without cleaning them altogether just to save on that trouble.

Dental implants are cleaned at the same time as when you clean the rest of your teeth. You don't take them out or need to soak them, but just simply brush them with the rest of your teeth, making the process faster and easier.

2. Dental implants don't slide around 

It can take some practice to get accustomed to wearing dentures or a bridge, and these can both slip around inside your mouth as you talk or chew. You may get food lodged under the dentures or may find that you become self-conscious if your dentures should slip while talking.

However, a dental implant stays in place and doesn't slip or slide and doesn't need any type of paste or adhesive. This can make it easier to eat or talk than if you had dentures or a bridge.

3. Dental implants don't need refitting

Dentures typically need to be refitted over the years, as the shape of your jaw changes with age. However, dental implants will stay in place and simply move along with your real teeth. They won't need to be refitted and recast, so they may actually be more cost-effective in the long run than dentures. You also won't need to go without wearing them or be uncomfortable when they need refitting, as you might experience with dentures that need to be recast for you.

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