Why a Root Canal Is Better Than an Extraction

If you have a damaged tooth that has become infected, you likely can’t wait for the pain to go away. But before you book a dental appointment to have your tooth extracted, consider the alternative. When a tooth is infected, you can either extract the tooth or have root canal treatment performed on the tooth. Root canal treatment is a much better option than extraction in several ways. Root canals remove the infection and save the tooth

Post and Core: Another Reason for a Root Canal

The first stage of a journey that generally ends in root canal treatment is a toothache. The discomfort in the tooth is being felt by its internal pulp (which is the nerve), and this is the only part of the tooth that is capable of registering sensation. The pulp is becoming infected, and its removal is the most comprehensive way to eliminate this infection. But there are some cases when a root canal is necessary, even though the tooth’s pulp might not yet be in danger.