3 Solutions to Stop Your Broken Tooth from Cutting Your Tongue

Teeth may be strong, but that doesn't stop them from cracking under pressure. From biting hard foods to prolonged nighttime tooth grinding, there are many ways a tooth can break. If you've suffered a tooth crack or chip, the best way to remedy it is to visit a dental clinic for a repair. Dentists can repair teeth with coloured bonding, crowns and even implants or bridges.

But if you don't have an emergency dentist in your area or you don't have time for an appointment right now, you'll be faced with a painful problem in the meantime: your broken tooth cutting into your tongue or your mouth. Thankfully, there are many at-home remedies you can try to create a barrier between your tooth and tongue until you can get to a dental appointment.

1. Temporary Filling

Sometimes when you need a filling, your dentist can complete it during a same-day appointment. In some cases, however, they'll apply a temporary filling as a placeholder for a permanent filling or dental crown. This temporary filling material can also be used to cover a broken tooth so it can't cut your mouth. You can find this putty-like material at your local pharmacy. All you need to do is break off a piece, roll it into a ball then press it onto and around the broken tooth. Then, just bite down hard for a few minutes so the material sets in line with your usual bite.

2. Dental Wax

Another similar material is dental wax. Often made from paraffin or beeswax, dental wax is commonly used by orthodontists to cover the jagged edges of braces and stop them from hurting the cheeks. Similarly, it can be used to cover the sharp edge of a broken tooth so it won't cut the inside of your mouth. It's used in the same way as a temporary filling. Break off a small piece, roll it into a ball, flatten it then press it onto the tooth. You may need to reapply it often, as it tends to flake away when eating and drinking. Don't worry if you swallow the wax— it's not harmful in any way. In fact, many brands now make flavoured dental wax.

3. Chewing Gum

If your dental appointment is coming up in the very near future and you need a short-term solution in a pinch, you can also use sugar-free chewing gum to cover your broken tooth. Simply chew the gum until it's pliable, then mould it over the sharp edge of your tooth. Remember that this solution won't suffice for more than a few hours. It's also best to avoid eating or drinking while you have chewing gum covering your teeth, as you could accidentally swallow it and choke.