Understanding Early Orthodontic Treatments

You might have heard people state that it is important to have your child get orthodontic treatment at an early age. Find out why this is important and what else you need to know.

What Is Early Orthodontist Treatment?

Children can start showing signs of dental problems as early as when their baby teeth start coming out. Some of these problems can be crossbites, protruding upper teeth, open bites, overbites, etc. It might not be recommended to have any correction done until their permanent teeth start coming out.

Early orthodontic treatment is treatment carried out on your child's teeth when his or her permanent teeth have started growing. At times, it can be performed on baby teeth. It is important to have your child's teeth rectified at this stage because the jaws are still developing, and you will avoid extensive/invasive repairs later on. Furthermore, it is easier to correct problems at an early age than when an individual is older.

How Do You Identify Dental Problems?

When your child develops the first set of baby teeth, take him or her to see a paediatric dentist. The dentist ensures the teeth are growing well and gives you advice on how to properly care for them. If the paediatric dentist discovers an underlying problem, a correction plan can be set in motion. Of course, you might need to wait for all the baby teeth to grow or for the permanent teeth to start growing. Your child's dentist gives you a clear and detailed outline of what needs to be done and answers all your questions.

What Are the Benefits of Early Orthodontist Treatment?

You might already know the general benefit of early orthodontist treatment, which is to deal with dental problems early. What are the benefits that come out of this? Your child's self-esteem is improved, conditions that affect the growth of the jaw and cause teeth to wear are eliminated, you avoid the need for teeth removal in the future, you guarantee facial balance and symmetry by ensuring correct jaw growth, you avoid the occurrence of impacted teeth and lower the possibility of potential risks in the future.

Is Early Orthodontist Treatment Too Much for Your Child?

Most of the corrections required are not invasive. The only time surgery might be necessary is if a dental condition causes deformity. Additionally, corrections are mainly done from age 7 onwards because this is when permanent teeth start growing. Ask your child's dentist all the questions you have to satisfy your worry and concern. You, of course, want the best for your child and so does the paediatric dentist.