Is a Smile Makeover the Right Solution For You? Take This Quiz to Find Out!

You might heard about smile makeovers before, but just aren't sure exactly what they entail. Actually, smile makeovers are typically made up of multiple procedures, and they're unique for each person. It's all planned based upon your specific needs and concerns. The ultimate goal of a smile makeover is give you a smile that you're proud to show the world. Is a smile makeover right for you? Take this quiz to find out!

Are You Unhappy With the Overall Look of Your Smile?

If you're unhappy with the overall look of your smile, you might

  • Feel hesitant about smiling whilst showing your teeth
  • Try to conceal your teeth when taking photos
  • Avoid looking in the mirror whilst smiling

Perhaps you're ashamed to reveal that your teeth are crooked, discoloured, or unattractive in some other way. Maybe your smile is too "gummy" or you have gaps in your smile. No matter what the dental issues are, being unhappy with your smile can mean that you're an excellent candidate for a smile makeover.

Teeth whitening, crowns, teeth straightening, gum reshaping, and many other procedures can take you from being unhappy to quite pleased with your smile. 

Do You Have Good General Health?

Good general health is important for anyone who wants to get a smile makeover. In particular, you must have a healthy support system for dental implants or other permanent dental appliances in the mouth. This means that your jaw, gums, and all your natural teeth must be healthy.

If you currently have periodontal disease or some other type of illness, that problem must be treated before the smile makeover begins. If your health is good and your smile needs correction for you to be happy with it, a smile makeover might be ideal for you. 

Are Your Dental Issues Causing Bigger Problems?

If your dental issues are starting to cause bigger problems for you, a smile makeover could be the answer. For example, if you have gaps in your smile it's a cosmetic concern -- but more importantly it can also cause issues with eating, speaking, and drinking. 

A smile makeover can fill in the gaps in the smile using dental implants. In addition to giving you a beautiful smile, dental implants can allow you to eat, speak, and drink normally again. Smile makeovers are considered to be cosmetic, but in many cases they do have important functional benefits as well. 

Is a Smile Makeover Right For You?

If you can answer "yes" to the questions above, it's time to speak to your dentist about smile makeovers. Cosmetic dentistry clinics can ensure professionals customise a smile makeover plan just for your needs.