What You Should Know About Temporary and Permanent Fillings

There are two main types of dental fillings your dentist might recommend, which include temporary flings and permanent fillings. As the name suggests, temporary fillings are not meant to last a long time. They are typically used when you are in between dental treatments, but want to avoid severe decay or infections. Here are some things to know about each type of filling.

You Need to Be Careful With Temporary Fillings

You probably already know that temporary fillings are not meant to last, but you at least need to keep them intact until you get your dental crown or permanent filling done. During the time when you have a temporary filling, make sure you are careful about what you eat. While you don't have to stick to soft foods or a liquid diet, you should avoid foods that might dislodge the filling, such as chewy or hard candy or food that is especially sticky. If you can chew on the other side of your mouth while you have the temporary filling, even better.

There Are Multiple Reasons You Might Need a Temporary Filling

There are a few different reasons your dentist might advise getting a temporary filing. One of the more common reasons is because you had a root canal procedure and are waiting until you get your crown. During a root canal, the endodontist makes a hole in the tooth canal to clean out the infected tissue, but that hole is now susceptible to bacteria and food debris. Temporary filling material is placed in the hole and on the top of the tooth to protect it from infection until you can get a crown placed. 

The Permanent Filling Procedure is Slightly Different

While temporary and permanent fillings are similar, the procedure for getting them done is slightly different. When you go in for a permanent filling, it is usually done for a deep cavity on a tooth experiencing decay. For this type of filling, you will fist get numbed, then some of the decay is going to be removed from the cavity. Once that is done, a drill is used to add the filling, which is either an amalgam or composite filling. It takes a little longer to drill the tooth and get the filling done since the filing is meant to last much longer than the gutta percha used for a temporary filling.

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