Different Reasons Why Your Gums May Be Bleeding

If you notice that your gums have started to bleed when engaging in your oral care routine, it should be a cause for concern. Granted, there are some temporary reasons that may cause your gums to bleed. However, if you notice that the bleeding is becoming a regular occurrence, it could indicate something much more serious that would require a checkup with your dentist. Here are some of the different reasons why your gums may start bleeding.

You have started a new dose of medication.

Some medications have the propensity to cause blood thinning. If you have started a new prescription of medication, it may start to impede on your blood's clotting capabilities. As such, nicking your gums as you brush your teeth or floss could lead to easy bleeding. If you suspect that your course of medication may be the culprit, you could consult with your dentist as well as your doctor. They would be able determine if the drugs really are the cause of bleeding gums and recommend the best way forward.

Your oral care routine has changed. 

Regular flossing of teeth is recommended to prevent the accumulation of plaque in between your teeth. However, a sudden change in your flossing routine may cause your gums to start bleeding. For instance, if you begin flossing more frequently than normal, you may irritate your gums and this can lead to eventual bleeding.

On the other hand, if you have not been avid about flossing your teeth and then suddenly start doing it on a regular basis, you could agitate your gum line. If you notice bleeding after flossing, try to reduce the number of times you carry out this type of oral care and observe whether the bleeding will abate on its own.

It should also be noted that changing your toothbrush could cause spontaneous bleeding of your gums. This is especially true if you have switched to a firmer hard-bristled toothbrush. Try using a toothbrush with softer bristles to see if there will be a change in the gum bleeding. If there is no noticeable difference, it is best to see your dentist.

You are developing gingivitis.

Gum bleeding due to gingivitis is a serious concern. This is a periodontal disease and left unchecked could lead to loss of bone mass and eventual loss of teeth. Some of the symptoms of gingivitis include swollen gums coupled with inflammation. It is prudent to seek medical attention from your dentist. If caught early, gingivitis can be prevented from developing into full-blown periodontitis.